Wood Pellets

Standardised fuel - greatest reliability

Wood Briquettes

Excellently clean fuel for residential heating


Traditional heating using traditional fuel

Long term economic development must be balanced between environmental friendliness and the interests of society on the whole. Biomass is the energy carrier for a sustainable heat and energy supply of the future.

Combustion of solid biomass of wood for heat production is the main bioenergy route in the world, with a constant drive for improved efficiency and reduced pollution emissions.

The careful management of the quality of products and services is fundamental precondition for the sustained success. 4RES Company assures that this is fulfilled with every little detail using techniques that are respectful for our common treasure – clean and safe environment.

There are many reasons in favour of heating buildings with wood. Apart from the fact that such systems are eco-friendly and have proven themselves in technical terms, they constitute an economically viable solution. Wood fuels come from renewable raw materials in reliable supply and at stable prices – the commitment made for You by the Company 4RES.